What’s for lunch?

Been to this jollyjeep? Been to that? Tired of the same old dish you’ve been munching on for the last two or three years? Let us help you with a few bestsellers and best kept secrets up and about Dela Rosa.

Of course, you’ll have to spend a little bit but we promise we won’t go way over the budget.

1. Buffalo Wings and Things
IMG_4663.JPGOr what you might know as Chubby’s. They’re sharing the same space and you might have thought they’re the same anyway. Chubby’s serves the Texan style grilled, pulled pork and barbecues. Buffalo serves, well, buffalo wings.

For solo you can go with the half pound sampler. Choose your spiciness intensity.

Tip: bestseller is the New York style which is a level 2. You might wanna go higher but I tell you Armageddon is really really hot. Have I told you Armageddon is really hot?

2. Mom and Tina’s
IMG_4659.JPGA bit pricy for a bakery. But it’s more than that. They sell pasta served with their freshly baked bread on the side.

I recommend the shepherds pie. Made out of real shepherds. Kidding. Its a meat pie topper with mashed potato served with freshly baked rolls. The rolls are perfect even when I think about it, it’s actually carbs on carbs.

Tip: A little dessert won’t hurt. Go for the cheesecake.

3. Cantina DeliciosaIMG_4665-0.JPGFirst, it settled across Ayala then transferred to that old building near Rufino Pacific Tower. Now they’re at Standard Chartered’s Scarlet Foodhub on its second floor.

It’s super busy during lunchtime so I suggest you go earlier. They serve Spanish style meals for a budget of just a hundred pesos. Quite authentic too I must say as the owners are really Spanish. Or are they Mexican? I havent asked. Just prepare a lot of English when you get there. Or at least some tissue.

Bestsellers include their chicken enchiladas and burritos. I personally prefer the cheeseburger sauce on their burrito.

Tip: while you’re here at Standard, might as well grab some mixed fresh fruits at Purple Haze or a waffle at Famous Belgian Waffles.

4. Homeys Cafe
IMG_4664.JPGA little walk across Dela Rosa turning to Legazpi, you’ll a find a gem called Homeys Cafe. They don’t actually serve coffee here but bagnet. It’s a sin with all its cholesteroltastic goodness but it’s a bigger sin not to try it.

Don’t go here with a big group during lunchtime or you won’t have seats.

Tip: bagnet meals are served with 5 big chunks. I suggest getting the one with veggies on the side, laing or pinakbet, but the bagnets would only be 3 pieces. You can have either letson sauce or bagoong as dips.

5. Tsokolate Ah Batirol
IMG_4661.JPGWay across Ayala towards RCBC Plaza, more walking than your expected “nearby coffee shop.” Batirol (as I like to call it), serves cocoa served using a batirol–a wooden tool for blending the cocoa so to say. You can choose to have it plain or with mani, kasuy, or pinipig. Go for the large one! You can also have it cold, dubbed Tsoko Loco, the frappe version of their chocolates.

Tip: you MUST try their pasta! Bestsellers are the Creamy Malunggay Pesto and Spaghetti Aligue.