Part 2 on the Photography class held by APC. For this session we concentrated on composition of your photos. As per discussion, what separates a photographer from a snapshooter* is the ability to compose his photo using location and timing to snap a great photo.

They presented several techniques how to improve your shooting skills: simplicity, rule of thirds, diagonal mean, geometric shapes, symmetric or asymmetric balance, and lines and curves. I really liked the topic about lines and curves, although I admit it’s really new for me and yet very basic like duh. Plus I’m having a hard time balancing between the rule of thirds against symmetry. They’ve also shown a vid for the 10 best photos from NatGeo in 2009. Got many tips there.

I think the main purpose of composition is to avoid, or minimize if it applies to you (you photoshopaholic you), any post processing editing. You don’t have to add effects like blur, or geometric chorvas, or mygass, sunbursts. The only acceptable editing I could think of is cropping and watermarking. Parang photog lang ang epek, “blissandvoid Photography.” Pakshett nakakabuset.

We didn’t get to use our cameras to practice though. No chance there to snapshot my crushable. Crap! hahah



“According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “snapshot” was first used in 1808 by an English sportsman by the name of Sir Henry Hawker. He noted in his diary that almost every bird he shot that day was taken by snapshot, meaning a hurried shot, taken without deliberate aim. Snapshot, then, was originally a hunting term.”

~Sy Parrish, One Hour Photo.

Very creepy film about a stalker photo developer. And what’s creepier is that it is portrayed by Robin Williams. Bravo!

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