“First impressions last.” as the saying goes. It’s always about creating a great first impression and then making it last. That’s fairly easy if you did right the first time. But how would you fix it if you did it wrong the first try? You can’t always go and say, hey can we start again?

See, I’ve been hearing a lot about how people see me the first time. I am intimidating, I look serious and deep, I look quiet. Frankly, I am not aware I am creating that picture of myself. If anything, I would like people to come approach me and chit chat with them. But apparently that’s not how I look like.

Given the fact that I am generally quiet. Well, maybe unless I know you and you know me then that would be the exact polar opposite. Anyway, my quietness would have to do with my thought process. Yes, I am quiet because I want to listen more of what you wanna say. Yes, I am quiet ¬†because I agree with you and I wouldn’t take the spot from you to reiterate what you just said. Yes, I am quiet because I disagree and I’d rather give you an eyebrow rather than waste my breath explaining and reexplaining.

So I busy myself writing blogs where I pour out most of my thoughts that escaped me when I was listening. And people would be surprised how different I am from my blogs. Like, how loud and crazy and funny I am. Like meeting my psychic fraternal twin. I’m not bipolar duh. But comparing the quiet, serious Athan and then reading about the loud, funny Athan, you’d sooner have doubts who’s who. Well, some welcomed that in a good way, still shaking their heads.

I had this virtual friend who I have a crush on. I know I’ve been friendzoned and I’m not expecting him to meet me in person. We still talk online. We’ll we miss our conversations when we lose touch. He gets to read my blog from time to time. The problem is that he sees me only as this crazy funny Athan. There’s no way of him meeting the other half of the persona. The real world counterpart. I don’t blame him though. That’s how I showed myself online. That’s how he sees me. Someone who can never be serious. Maybe that’s why he would never meet up with the crazy dude.

I can be quiet. I can be serious. But we’ve missed out on that part already. Move on.



Photo by PrismRed via Flickr.