Photo by sazzy via Flickr.

#60: raindrops keep falling on my head 

It’s been raining for two nights now.

Last night I was out with my old buddies from the ‘old firm.’ Meeting time was seven in the evening at Havaianas in Glorietta, seeing it was one of the stopovers we had when we were all together last year. I came in late and was worried that they had already left me. Lei came even later. She joked afterwards that noone really goes there earlier than the appointed time.

We went up to the cinema level to see the scheds. Inception’s screening was ten minutes ago, the next one will be in ten thirty. We decided not to watch any. We want to bond and make up for lost time.

Manong Bert came around eight thirty-ish. He hadn’t changed, he still had that zombie look, although now that zombie owns a Sony Ericsson Xperia.

We went up to eat some dinner. I had a hard time staring at the menu above so Lei lent me her 75/75 glasses. Everything was in focus, everything looks perfect. And it’s in purple as well. Lurvett! I need to buy one of these one day. I badly need it.

Anyways, we walked a bit and stopped at Greenbelt 3 to have some coffee. The place was swarming with foreynjers and hookers. There were cute guys and singles and couples.

Then it started raining. I thought it was the male vocals at Cafe Havana. He was singing Just Once. Lei was commenting it should be theme song of bitter people. I liked that song. They said it was because I’m bitter. I said no, I just liked to belt it. Well yeah, ako na ang bitter.

We moved nearer to the store so as not to get wet. I was staring inside because of this guy inside. Although I was wearing glasses, I still couldn’t tell if he was really looking back. I wish he was. I wish he’d approached me. But alas no. Anyways, these glasses work magics for me. I could stare at people without having me to worry what they would think of me staring at them.

We went home around twelve midnight. We were waiting for a cab, actually choosing, when this jejemon couple just started making out in public, under the rain. Stress!

I didn’t pull out my umbrella from my bag. I didn’t want it to get wet. It wouldn’t kill to walk in the rain. And it would conceal the tears flowing. Ha! I didn’t really cry. Well I could. Loneliness does things to me. I hate it. But I love the feeling. I hate it. I love it.